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Catholic Social Teaching

The Church's social teaching is a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. Modern Catholic social teaching has been articulated through a tradition of papal, conciliar, and episcopal documents. The depth and richness of this tradition can be understood best through a direct reading of these documents. In these brief reflections, we highlight several of the key themes that are at the heart of our Catholic social tradition.

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

As Catholics, we are part of a community with profound teachings that help us consider challenges in public life, contribute to greater justice and peace for all people, and evaluate policy positions, party platforms, and candidates’ promises and actions in light of the Gospel in order to help build a better world.

Washington State Catholic Conference

Our mission is rooted in the Catholic community's belief in the dignity of the human person, our tradition of service to the most vulnerable of society, and our firm commitment to a just and peaceful world.The WSCC represents the Catholic Bishops of Washington in their efforts to support public policies that promote the common good.

Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Catholics Confront Global Poverty is an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Relief Services. As the official voice of the Catholic Church in the U.S., we call on Catholics and our nation to defend the lives and dignity of people living in poverty worldwide, through advocacy and action.

As Catholics, we seek to encounter our neighbors at home and across the globe, to help the poor and vulnerable, to urge our nation to take action, and to transform our local and global communities. This work is rooted in prayer and worship and is part of our Baptismal call.  Prayer transforms us and connects us to God and neighbor, near and far.

Justice for Immigrants

In 2004, the Catholic bishops of the United States committed to immigration reform as a priority of the U.S. Catholic Church, and to creating a culture of welcome in which all migrants are treated with respect and dignity. A diverse group of Catholic organizations with national networks joined the U.S. Catholic bishops’ Justice for Immigrants Campaign (JFI) in an effort to unite and mobilize a growing network of Catholic institutions, individuals, and other persons of goodwill in support of immigration reform.

Human Life and Dignity

As a gift from God, every human life is sacred from conception to natural death. The life and dignity of every person must be respected and protected at every stage and in every condition. The right to life is the first and most fundamental principle of human rights that leads Catholics to actively work for a world of greater respect for human life and greater commitment to justice and peace.

We are Salt & Light

We Are Salt and Light includes resources intended as a catalyst for both the New Evangelization and the continuing development of vibrant communities living the Gospel in the United States. Communities that strive to be salt and light share God's love with others, as we encounter Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit's transforming presence. Inspired by the Trinity's dynamic of community, we Pray Together, Reach Out Together, Learn Together and Act Together.

Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center

The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center acts for justice in the church and in the world. IPJC is sponsored by twenty-two religious communities and collaborates with Catholic, ecumenical, interfaith and other organizations in carrying out this mission.

Maryknoll Missionary Disciples

Our challenge as front line parish and diocesan ministers: helping the people of God realize their vocation as missionary disciples. It begins in their hearts by accepting God's love, it is nurtured and grows in the family, and then it extends out in ever widening circles to the neighborhood, parish, school, workplace and beyond. It seeks encounter and crosses the situational and geographical borders that limit God's love. It brings us together in growing awareness of our interconnectedness with each other through global solidarity. It grounds us in compassion for each other and in our care for our common home.

Catholic Charities

CCUSA Advocacy and Social Policy team advocates for policies that uphold human dignity and promote integral human development.Informed by the experience of local Catholic Charities agencies, we urge policy makers to see the faces of those in need in their communities and to create policies which assist and support them.