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Life Teen Ministers to senior high youth through the Life Teen Mass, our weekly Life Nights, retreats and through social outreach to the wider community.  Our purpose is to reach teens on all levels: emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational, with a strong focus on the Eucharist through the Life Teen Mass.  Support teams include: Core, Hospitality, Environment and Outreach.


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Jessica Mendoza 

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  1. Would love to see you get a schedule of activities and events on this page (even if it’s just a hot link to a pdf file) and some photos of past events and activities for prospective new members to peruse. New to the area – have a couple of *very* shy home schooled teenage children whom I would like to get involved with a Catholic teen group, but they won’t attend meetings if they can’t see what the group is like in advance, and see what kind of religious and social activities and events the group participates in or hosts each month. We have not had much success with church teen groups where we lived in the past – usually because high school social cliques tended to run these groups. I will check back periodically for more info about your Life Teen group, look for a calendar, and hopefully some photos taken at past events and activities so my children can see what your Life Teen group has to offer.

  2. Looking for religious education info regarding confirmation for HS students. Also want to join youth group. I have two daughters in 8th & 9th grade. Would like to see dates & times of events, or open house first get together etc. General info about the ministry, group activities. We used to live in West Seattle OLG Parish, and now in Maple Valley. Do you have a gym? CYO sports?

  3. Hi Tina,
    I would like information on Confirmation. When does the program start?
    Thank you-Janet Rodebaugh

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