High School

Welcome to High School Youth Ministry at St. John the Baptist! Below you will find information about a number of opportunities for High School Students to be involved in ministry as well as calendars and contact information. Teens are so important to our community! We are here to serve you and serve alongside you 🙂 

Quick Links: 
Registration From (Return to the Parish office to complete your registration.)
         - Parent/ Family introductory letter (coming soon)
 Printable Forms (coming soon)

Main Youth Ministry Contact: 

Chelsea Wilde
Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministry
(253) 630-0701 ex 110

Weekly Gatherings:

Autumn Lifeteen Calendar: Click the calendar below for a larger printable version.

Who: The St. John Lifeteen group is open to any high school student who wants to be involved. Feel free to bring a friend! 

When: Sunday nights! Mass is at 5:30pm in the main church, Dinner at 6:45pm and LIFENIGHT at 7pm in the McMullen Center. Click below for our current calendar.

Leadership: This ministry is led by a team of awesome adult volunteers. CLICK HERE to meet the team! (coming soon)


High School Ministry Options:

Click the title to discover more information about each ministry and how to get involved. (coming soon)

  • Lifeteen Mass: A great way to learn how to serve during Mass in many different capacities.
  • Peer Ministry: Peer ministers assist the adult catechists with the middle school youth group.
  • Missions team: Missions team members prepare all year together for a summer mission trip.
  • Social Media team: This team curates our youth ministry socials and works with the outreach team.
  • Outreach team: Comes up with a few outreach initiatives each year to grow the ministry.
  • Worship team: Those who serve on the student worship team assist with music and tech.

Rad Resources:

Response video from Lifeteen on the recent sexual abuse scandal. Click to play.

This month's playlist:
Access this playlist by searching the title on Spotify, or, if you don't have a Spotify account, feel free to look up the individual songs on whatever streaming service you use. 🙂